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Takizawa Kabuki Singapore Report part 1

So, yeah, I kinda miss the flight.

I was really frustrated, in term of more money lost T.T
why everything in connection with Johnny's always money consuming????


anyway, got sparetime to atually write report here, because tomorow I got to get back to the office.
and office mean work so I can't write, because I got to work ( simple conclusion)

so, Why in the first place I was going to the Singapore??

it is of course by none other to watch the heiress of
the Giant Entertainment Empire in Japan. JOHNNYS ENTERTAINMENT

it was a realy rare occasion, like, what they said, once in blue moon
that Johnny bring this kind of the show abroad and near my hometown.
so here I go.

my trip was fun though is all seems in a rush, lost my friend's MRT card the minute I topped it up (like seriously) and get to the USS in a rush manner, I only got to play 3 rides in 2 hours, how sick is thaaat???

only that I realise that the real deal is this chow,
this is the main event,

so yeah, it's time for me to give you a proper report, other than my rant hahaha sorry.

so, I arrive at 6.30 local time, straight to the theater, people are gathered, mostly Japanese, like, seriously, even that the show was meant to be for abroad viewer, the most attendees are Japanese, some oldies and non-Johnnys' fans also there, and I also spotted some Indonesian.
how would I know? they just simply easy to be spotted :)

anyway, I change me electronic ticket to the physical one, because it looks better that way hahaha,
and get into the line, buying some merchandise first. too bad I can't get the phamplet (is anyone get extras, please tell me :)) and wait until the gate is open.

my gate is on the third floor, after buying popcorn and water,which was undeniably expensive. I got inside the teater.

next to me was a family, one grandma, grandpa, and some youngsters which I pretty sure wasn't the fans of Johhny's so I kinda hype up alone.

anyway the show start with the appearance of Takizawa-san with white tux, and followed with his juniors. ANYWAY, I can only spot IWAMOTO HIKARU so please bear with me :)

I just gonna write things I remember so I won't be too detailed with my report, and it is also based on theater person's point of view ( sorry if I look to braggy, but I really is in the theater related field)

so, the junior dance, how far as I remember the clothes was kungfu-like red costume, then at the daze snowman change to a rather yelowish, greenish glow in the dark costume.
and they tur off the light and put a blacklight on so the boys shone beautifully.

the first part of the show is some modern themed performance, dancing Michael Jackson Thriller's like dance, and so on.

I don't remember the right sequences but the second part I think it was the taiko? sorry for my bad memory.

so the taiko, it is bunch of some younger-than-me-but-not-underage-boys who unexpectedly muscular and haveing a hot body ( please spare this comment) together with Kitayama and Kawai, who's older than me, playing Japanese traditional drums, wohooo.

have you ever been trying to do sit ups while plying drums?
I know you haven't but, wait a minute, this guys did. Anyway they are Johnny's, even if it require slicing your hand, you will do it anyway :)

afterthat Takki get into the somekind of new ride on USS when you can play Taiko while rotatin 360 degree, and yes, he play the taiko upside down.

what wowed me the most is that every single detail in this performance was flawless, the move of the set the costume changing.
anyway, who was moving the set? the junior of course, the performer, some some black man.

they do have several blackman who do the work if it getting out of hands, but mostly all the move the Juniors did, was mostly for the operational matter.

They got to dance while pulling the carpet for the next scene, move the mattress and so on and so on.
I was in perfect position to watch and observe the theater mechanism but not for fangirling haha

anyway the econd part was the Kabuki part. In this part you gotta see the clips from the previous performance, including the Taisuke Fujigaya's one. meanwhile, you can spot Mr. Taki dooing the kabuki make up on the right corner. we can see how it is doing while kabuki artist having their make up put on.

after that came two younger debutant. or whatever it called. Kitayama and Fumito, the act is supposedly writing a kanji character with giant brush.
anyway, I know it is gigantic, but is it that hard to actually write with that thing? it's like you are mopping the floor right? no?
because Kitayama look like he was about to faint when he did the writtings.
like seriously??

and Fumito was there and singing to fill the absence. oh yeah, like, what more would they do?
and finaly the kanji was finnish *clasp*, I never failed to notice how Hiromi Goto's costume was changed everytime they change the theme, and what he do was playing the violin, of course it's a big role but, the idea of, no one barely put an eye on him but to have him also change clothes and everything is awesome, awesome details, awesome concept.

so move to the next stage.
or backward, I don't remember which one come first, haha.
the theme was suppose to be the Japanese robin hood.
sorry I forgot the name.

so the story is about a man who stole from a wealthy people and giving the money for poor people, the act feature a dance fight and a balancing on the plank by the heiress.
it is awesome how... handsome Iwamoto Hikaru is, no, no, sorry for that, I mean it is awesome how the juniors are just swiftly moved everywhere on the set to move the set or to create a distracting action for the senpai's act, they put the mattress, change the position of the tower, held the stairs and so on and so on, gotta say these guys are some brilliant geeks.
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