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Title : Zig Zag Love

Title: Zig Zag Love
Characters/Pairings: Iwamoto HikaruxNishihata Daigo, Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo
Rating: PG-13

" Oi, stop staring at him."

"I didn't,"

"You did, you do, stop it."

" I didn't. Stop being silly, ah shit."

"He's coming this way. Act normally, Now!" The two boys hurrily tidying up their utensils as their kansai co-star entered the dinning room, two of which approaching the table of food behind them. They nod as they're passing by.

"Ah, Nishihata-kun," one of them spoke up, the owner of the name turn his back facing him. "Iwamoto says hi," he snort a laugh, earning a nudge on a stomach by the other.

"Shut up." He said, then clearing his throat, "Ah..hi, Nishihata kun." He continue, flashing a hesitated smile, his friend just giggles.

"Ah come on you prick, just ask him out already." He commented, then added to the younger boy. "He'd been staring at you since the very morning, don't worry,he's a nice guy." He said as he pat his friend's shoulder and leave him with the kansai junior.

"Umm. What was that?" The younger ask confusedly.

"Don't mind him." Iwamoto sneered, "So..um, are you free this evening?"

The younger paused a little, making an audiable consideration inside his head,then nod.

"Yes, I kind of free."

The older clap his hand in relieve.

"So, meet you after the show?" He grinned

"After the show then," the younger smiled sincerely.


It was half past 7 when their show over and they managed to get back to their home, for the kansai's they're just get back to the hotel.

Daigo was saying goodbyes to his fellow kansai folks and telling them not to wait for him and go to the hotel first when Iwamoto approach him.

Koji was pulling Daigo a little away from the rest as he whispered to him,
"Um.. are you going with him?" He hissed, pretend to act normally.

"Well yeah, is that a crime?" Daigo hissed back.

"Well do you know him?"

"He's our co-star for goodness shake, come on Jikko."

"I mean, are you really close to him?"

"No." Daigo's now start to grunt.

"What if he rape you?" Jikko grunts too. Daigo paused a little then smacked the older's head.

"Don't be kidding me!" He spat as he leave the ginger haired behind and approach Iwamoto who squint his eyes curiously at the two.

"Let's go Iwamoto-kun." Daigo said, pulling the older guy's hand.

"Eeh, is he okay if you go with me?" He asked the younger guy.

"Don't mind him," Daigo said, stop his walk. "Where will we going?"

"Actually my car is right there, we go on a wrong direction." Iwamoto said pointing at the parking lot.

"A.. gomen." Daigo said apollogetically.

The older giggled then pat the other's head.

"Daijoubu. Ikou," he said.

They arrive at a fancy restaurant with hanging chandelier above them. The waitress are politely greet them when they step on the entrance door. Daigo was carefully observing his surrounding while the older scan through the menu.

"You find anything you like,Nishihata-kun?" The older suddenly lowered the menu as he stare at his dinner partner who jolt in shock at a sudden mention of his name.

He quickly grab on the menu and pretend to see what's inside it.

"Err..mmm..I don't.." then he close the menu. "You got anything with cheese? The best one, thank you." He said then gulp.

Iwamoto just smiled as he shook his head.

"Give me the same as he has, thank you," He said to the waitress as she take the menu book away, and nodded sincerely.

"Are you often eat here?" Daigo lean closer to the other guy as he whispered.

"No, not really, I just feel like it." Iwamoto whispered back also leaning closer.

"Aaah," Daigo nod, laying back on his seat.

Iwamoto smiled.

"Ne Nishihata-kun..."

"Just Daigo, just call me Daigo."

"Dai...Daigo... okay.errr.umm..."


"Are you seeing someone?" Daigo was just started to sip on his glass of water when Iwamoto said the word that he chokes and cough the water out his lungs.

"Eh..." Daigo grab a napkin from the table and wipe his mouth then continue. "What do you mean?"

"I mean it as it is. Are you seeing someone?" The older said again. Demanding an answer.

"I um... not..."

"Your meal,sir," saved by the waiter, Daigo breath out as his food being served in front of him. "Would you need anything else sir?" The waiter politely offer. Both boys just shook their head and silently watching the waiter back to his post.

They are chewing their food in silence, more to an awkward manner.
Daigo will slowly devour the 3000 yen worth of meal carefully as he tried to avoid the older's eyes.

"So Daigo?" The older still demanding an answer.

"The food is fantastic," Daigo commented randomly.

"Well, it is, but that is not what I ask you." The older said, wiping his mouth with a napkin then putting his cutleries carefully.

"Look, I don't know what to answer, I didn't go with girls that often, so I don't really thinks I'm seeing someone." Daigo answered honestly.

"Hmmm..."Iwamoto pick up his glass and take a sip. "Then how about boys?"

And it is the second time Daigo's drink pass through his nostril instead of his esophagus.

He wiped his mouth in a shock manner.
"What do you mean?"

"I mean what I said. Are you seeing any guys? Is Koji your boyfriend?"

"No..no.NO, he's not,we-just-kiss-a-little but NO! He is NOT my boyfriend." He answered rather annoyed by the question.

"Ah sou, then those Nagase guy?"

"Are we in the magazine interview of something?" Daigo ask him annoyed.

The older just laugh.

"You are soo cute," he commented as his eyes squint prettily.

"Thank you for your compliment." Daigo sigh.

The older lean closer then capture the other's hand which lay freely on the table.

"Look,I like you, Nishihata Daigo kun. I like you alot. And if you're not with anyone right now, please be with me."

Daigo feels as if he's just being thrown from a 21 floored building.


The alarm rings annoyingly, waking up the boy in his sleep forcefully. Daigo woke up in distress, scratching his hair. The memory of yesterday's event played repeatedly in his mind, as he unconciously rubbing his lips while memorizing the taste that linger there all night long last night.


"What so?" They picking up their breakfast as Koji tailing him around with his tray of food on his arm nudging him now and then.

"Did he rape you?" The older ask curiously, Daigo turn around and push Koji's food tray away from his spine then answered.

"He didn't." He turn around again as he pick up the soup bowl.

"Yokatta~" Koji heaved in relieve. Then Daigo continue,

"We just have 2 round of nice sex after dinner. Not much." And leaving Koji alone gobsmacked.


"You what??!" Myuto bounce on his seat as they gathered around Iwamoto on their dining table.

"We had dinner." He grin

"Yes but after thaaat??" The guys holding each other's shirt awaiting the answer they want to hear.

"We did 'it'." Iwamoto cleared his throat

Myuto punch the air in victory as the other clapping noisily.

"That's my boy," he tap the other's shoulder.

"Look, Nishihata is really sweet, I don't want to hurt him." Iwamoto said

"No you are not hurting him,you like him right?" Myuto ask again.

Iwamoto just fold his arms together and put his thumb on his lips as he thinking silently,he bite his lips and nod happily.

"I like him, I like him a lot," he grin

"Yes! How's the sex?" The other boy in a bunch ask him again

"Oh it was good, it was... damn it was good!! I like him!" Iwamoto answered and the other cheered happily. After all boys are just going to be boys.

"Can you repeat Nishihata and Iwamoto's part once more?" The director said through the megaphone, the boys settled back to their previous position.

"Are we going to repeat this a hundred times more or what?" Daigo complain.

" Why, do you hate acting with me?" Iwamoto ask him, pushing away his bangs from his barreted forehead.

"It's not it, I think it's perfect already." He said again pouting.

Iwamoto observing him closely.

"Damn I want to kiss you so bad." He said.

"You can not. We are on stage and we're suppose to hate each other.

"But you are my boyfriend." Iwamoto said.

Daigo turn around and take a peek at the director who is now talking to the lighting man so he's not looking at his direction, then he tiptoed and lean in to kiss Iwamoto.

"There." He said, blushing.

Iwamoto giggled.

"You are such a sweet little pumpkin. I love you Nishihata Daigo." The older said nuzzling on the younger's cheek.

"Okay, please repeat your scene in 3 2.." the director suddenly comanding..

"I love you too," Daigo answered with a low voice.


"One more, kiss me one more time,here, baby."

"Iada yoo, you kiss me enough today, my lips are going to be swollen!"

"Eh? Ren's here? I will tell Daigo right away." Koji's voice are heard from a distance following by a raging footsteps and a sudden barge on the door.

"Daigo.. Ren i-" he then pause as he found his fellow junior was kissing hotly with a snowman.

"Mukai kun." Iwamoto pulled away and narrow his eyes at the intruder.

Then another intruder come barging in again

"Daigo I'm hee-" the 'King' member stop on his way behind koji. "Are?"


"I'll call you, okay baby?" Daigo said putting both of his palms on his boyfriend's cheeks.

"No, " the older stubornly refused.

"Fine, I'll stay with you tonight, okay?" The younger bargain again.

"Okay, you have the key right?" The older finally give in. Daigo nod reasuringly.

"Let me talk to them, kay. I love you, Hikaru." Daigo said lean in and kiss Iwamoto's forehead

The other kansai just sit silently on the couch with folded arms, Ren's eyes pierced intensely to the older boys.

Iwamoto was fast at catching Ren's stare, he purposedly pulling Daigo into a deep kiss, and let go with a loud pop.

"I'll wait for you at home," he added. As he picking up his bag and walk out the room.

"What was that?" Ren started as Iwamoto leave the room.

"My boyfriend,Ren." Daigo rolled his eyes in annoyance

"He's just using you," Mukai added

"No he's not." Daigo point at the older.

"He just want the D," Ren commented harshly.

"Off course, he want me, the D, the Daigo, whatever. And if he indeed want the sex, if you are referring to that, he already got one, no two, and will get three today."

"I am not hearing that." Ren said closing his ears stubbornly.

"Then what do you want to hear MISTER KING??" Daigo said annoyedly.

"Daigo, you are MY boyfriend. WE use to kiss, WE use to have sex."

"That is 'use to' ,use to this, use to that, it was just a 'use to, we are not together anymore Ren, let's face it. We use to love each other but that's it."

"No that's not it. I love you, Daigo. Up till now I still love you." Ren getting up from his seat and hugging Daigo.

"I love Hikaru, Ren." Daigo said stubbornly. As he pulled away and leaving Ren and Koji alone.


"Tadaimaa~ baby, are you there?" Daigo singsonged as he arrived at Iwamoto's apartment, he walk carefully to the room as two familiar hands embracing him from behind.

"What take you so long?" Daigo jump in surprise but stay at ease as he heaved to the warm embrace.

"Nothing." He grin, "Are you doing anything?"

"Just waiting for you."

Daigo turn his body as he tiptoed and lean in to kiss the older one.

"I'm here, Hikaru."

The older smirk as he dragged the younger to his bed.
by chika add lets_jump comunity


Oct. 29th, 2015 09:51 am (UTC)
Thank you for reading 💝
I don't know whether I would make it a series or it is already enough as it is haha.
thank you again ♥♥



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