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Title : You Are Mine

Title: You are mine
Characters/Pairings: Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo
Rating: PG-13

the number you wish to call is out of service area. Please leave a message at the tone

He is stand still leaning on a cold wall of their rehearshal room, looking at his phone silently. It's been a thousand times when he tries to call the older boy but in vain. He just stare at his phone for a good couple of second until he decide to leave a message.

"Yo," he greet on the phone. "Look... why don't you pick up my phone? Are you mad at me? If that's the reason. I'm sorry... I.. don't know what to say, I just... I miss you so much, Daigo. I miss you." Then he press the end call button.

They have been seperated for too long now he is now losing the track of his beloved one, the last time he remember that the latter has constant rehearshal for his upcoming christmas show. So he understand very much how busy the older guy would be, he is not idle himself, he has to juggle between one work and another in one swish of a hand. Maybe that's the reason they rarely contact each other. Not to mention his double agent activity as both kansai and tokyo junior has press him to his limit. He just need the way out. In this kind of time he need the latter.

But the other has another plan to do, one of which is ignoring the younger's call, not that he didn't notice that the skinny boy had been trying to contact him at least trice a day, but he simply don't find any intention on picking up the call and talk to him. It's not because he's an ignorant person, he is indeed a caring, loving, and reliable person. It just that picking up his call will make him feel feelings, the feelings of bitterness, the feeling of frustration, by the fact that the boy has been taken away from him.

It is a mere jealousy, the feeling that caught the older off guard. The one that use to be by his side, that use to work together, that use to share the dream together with him now living his own dream, while he is left there, he is in a condition when talking to him the very least will be the best way,at least for him.


"Daigooo! Wake up, breakfast is ready!" He frown irritatedly by the voice awaken him. Rubbing his temple with his thumb, he get up and approach the source of voice lazily.

"What are you doing, waking up so late, you have rehearshal aren't you?" The woman said while walking around here and there putting one plate to another on the table, scolding him.

"I know I know." The boy click his tounge while sitting on one chair.

"Hurry up finish your breakfast and get ready." The woman continue.

"Yes, mom." He answered iritatedly.

Then another boy show up, putting his backpack on one chair while pulling the other for him to sit, once he settled, he grab the rice bowl, scooping the contain to his own plate.

"There is something for you," he said while munching on his food.

"What is it?" The younger frown

" Go check the lamp table," the older order, pointing the table with his chin.

Daigo getting up from his seat then go to the table,finding a bracelet.

" You mean this one?" He asked the older, waving the bracelet.

The older just nod while focusing on his meal.

"Moou, you get this from the gacha macchine again?" The younger complain, walking back to the dinning table.

"Do I look like someone who play that kid's game?" The older answered.

"Who would know," he complain, putting the bracelet beside his plate and resume his meals.

"He came here last night." The other continue.


"Your boyfriend."

"Do I look like someone who play that insane game?" Daigo said heartfeelingly.

The older observe the latter for a little while then continue on his food.

"Pretty much yes." He answered.

Daigo sneered. "Who came here?" He ask again

"Nagase." The older answer calmly.

Daigo stop his munching. "What?"

"Nagase came here last night,"


"He said, he tried to call you but you never pick it up, what are you a premenstrual girl or something?"


"Then why?"

"I have reasons, okay."

"Oh. so this reason is more important than your 4 years of relationship?" The older said while sipping his glass of juice, then getting up to put his uttensils on the sink. "if it's worth it, just do whatever you want." He added, taking his bag from the chair. "I go first,Mom." He yelled his permission, then continue to his baby brother. "Think about it, brother." Then leaving him alone.


"The rehearshal start at 10 oclock Nishihata." The coreographer scold him, both arms on his hips.

" I know, I'm sorry, "

" Go join the other. Oy Koji, go teach him the new steps, I don't like repeating myself to a tardy."

"Hai wakatta," Koji said, then running to where Daigo is standing.

" Why are you late?"

" Nothing." The younger answer while putting his bag down.

"Nothing, you said," Koji sigh.

Daigo picking up his bottle then nudge Koji on his spine. " let's start."

They start the rehearshal without chatting anymore, but Koji never failed to notice the dull expression of the other guy, he would try hard to mastered the dance but at the same time his mind clearly somewhwere else.

"Let's take five," Koji said. Then dragging Daigo out of the rehearshal room.

"What is it?" He asked as soon as they are outside.

Daigo sigh then grumble his pocket to pick up the bracelet from this morning's conversation. He shove it to the older's chest.

"Ren came to my house last night." He said,

"What?" Koji said, observing the bracelet.

"You heard me."

"What for?"

"How would I know? I don't know he was coming until my brother told me."

"You aren't home?"

"I was out."


Daigo fell on silence.


"It was the only way?"

"What? drinking is the only way? If your destination is grave that is."

"Shut up,Koji."

"Then what this bracelet all about?"

"I didn't meet the giver, how would I know, you smartass."

"Then ask him."


"Am I talking in arabic here? aaassk hiiim,Daigo."


"There is new invention for communication called The Smartphone. Or if you would try other way, go to his house. And freakingly ask him."



"I don't want to talk to him."


"Ren, come on the recording will start in 3 minutes." Sho said as he find his member still on his phone.

"Just a minute, I'll be there," the younger answer.

Sho just nod and leave him alone.

"Please pick up, Daigo."

the number you are ca-

Sighing. Ren just hang up the phone and shove it to his bag and exited the changing room.


" So you just gonna stare at the bracelet and do nothing about it?" Daigo was sitting on the living room couch observing the bracelet absent-mindedly when his brother shows up, shoving him away a little and fit himself beside him turning the tv on.

"Huh?" The younger said.

" Don't 'huh' me. You still haven't contact him, aren't you." The older answer with eyes fixated on the television.

"Why should I contact him?"

" Because it's boring to see you all gloomy and sad sitting in the living room staring at an inanimate object. It ruin the atmosphere."

" Then don't bother joining me here."

" This is my house too you know, and I don't like people ruining my atmosphere. Just fucking call him, why is it so hard. You are close right?"

"We were, Brother, we were."

His brother just kick him off the couch. "Don't sit here with me until you finish your bussiness with that we-were-supose-to-be-close buddy of yours."

Daigo click his tounge in annoyance as he rub his butt. Walking his way up to his room.

He then pick his cellphone from the bedside table, then staring at the screen, thinking intensely of whether he should or should not call the younger.

Then the cellphone rang, Daigo was so shock he drop it to the floor.

"Yabai," he said as he pick up the cellphone from the floor.

one misscall - Nagase Ren

"Ia.." He said as he scratch his head in frustration. "Dou shi yoo???" he stared at at the screen while bitting on his lower lip.

He then press callback button and put the cellphone on his ears while curling on his mattres hugging his bolster thightly.

the number you are calling-

"Aaaargh! Why don't you pick up my call, Aho!" He grumble in frustration when he throw the cellphone to his bed and continue hugging his bolster.

"Ren, you stupid!" He grunts on his bolster annoyedly.


"Otsukare sama deshita!" The boys were bowing to each other at the end of their show, they are now packing their belonging, ready to leave the studio.Ren was putting back his used clothes to his bag when he pick up his cellphone to check on it

one misscal -Nishihata Daigo

"Eh? Eeeeehhhhh? He called me he called meee!!! Yabai!"

"Urusai na, what happen?" The buffy guy ask him

"Daigo just called me," the younger grin.

"Nande, futsu ya, you are bestfriend after all."

"It's not it, he finally call me after not picking up my call for two weeks."


"But we were at recording before so I can't pick that up, kuso!"

"Then why don't you call him back?"

"Ah naruhodo." Ren said as he dialed the older' number waiting for him to answer the phone.

"Pick it up pick it up pick it up."

"Seriously, are you Justin Bieber?!"

Ren put his finger on his lips signaling the other boy to shut up.

"Ah kitta! DAIGO!" He scream almost too sudden as he ran outside the dressing room.

"Urusai na umae." The older boy on the other line protested.

"Warui warui." The younger grin, as he lean to the wall. "Ne, what did you call me?"

"Ha? It's you who called me, I just called you back."

"Ah se ya na~" Ren said nodding, scratching his head.

"So, why?"


"Ck. Why did you call me?"

"Eh? Nanimo nai,"

"Ck then don't disturb me," the older was about to hang up the phone when Ren stop him.

"Eh matte matte... I umm, I,"

"Nanno yo?"

"I miss you, Daigo, I miss you so much it's hurt."

"Huh?? Are you my girlfriend?"

"I'm serious, I miss to hear your voice, to be scolded by you, I miss you."

"What is wrong with this kid?"

"I'm serious."

"Hai wakata wa, if you miss me so much, why don't you take me somewhere?"

"Eh? A date?"

"It's not a date."

"I want to call it a date,"

"Whatever. So?"

"So? Theme park?"

"Why does it sound so much like a date?"

"Because it is." The younger grin.

"Fine this Saturday 11 o clock.don't say you have work."

"I have none, I have none. Yosha, see you later,baby."

"Don't 'baby' me."

"Haha. Jya.. matta."

Ren hung up the phone with ear to ear smile as he kneeled in relieved punching the air. He toast his head to check his surrounding then getting up and get back inside the dressing room to brag about his date to his fellow member.

Daigo hold his bolster so thightly burrying his head in it. His heart never stop beating so fast.

"Nande?" He asked himself, why did the butterfly keep flying inside his stomach everytime he talk to the younger boy?

Why can't he keep calm when he heard his voice. Ren was changing so much, the lanky dark-skinned boy now has grown up to an undeniably handsome gentleman.
And without himself realising it, the transformation makes his heart racing in excitement.

"Aarrrrghhh!!" He grunt upsetly as he turn off the lampside and try to sleep. slightly grining by the thought.


"Are you donating those to an orphanage?"


"That clothes of yours, are you donating it?"


"Ck. Do you really need to take out and try on every clothes you have just for going out with your friend? look, everything scrambled on the floor! Mom will be mad at you!"

"Urusai naaa. What are you doing in my room anyway?!"

"Because you are so noisy, you've been changing the clothes since 2 hour ago and it such a mess."

"That's not your bussiness," Daigo said while pushing his brother out of his room.

"Just admit it brother, you like him, right, this Nagase?"


The older guy chuckled. "Hai hai, have fun with your date." He then leave his brother alone.

"Huuuhh? Me? I like Nagase? Dont be kidding me??!! Haha. And IT'S NOT A DATE!!!"


"It's a date."

"Horaaaa... sasuga, Ren-san,"

"I'll tell him."


"I'll tell him properly how much I love him."

"Ah sooo. Jya, good luck!"

Hang up the phone. Ren observing himself on the mirror.

"Daigo," he cleared his throat. "Would you be my lover?" He recite. "Wait, that's too corny, let me do this one more time.errhm.My Daigo... ah, why do I call him 'my' he's not mine already,baka, let's try again."





"Osoi na omae,"

"Ah warui, so.. umm let's get inside, shall we?" Ren said offering his hand but the older just shrugged and walk ahead. The younger just sigh.

"Have you eat your breakfast?" The younger ask as they wait in line for the rollercoster.

"Huh? What kind of question is that?" Daigo said

"Sorry, I was just nervous." Ren said scratching his head.

"What for? We've been together for 4 years why do you have to be nervous around me?"

"Eh, you are right." And then they fell on silence.


"That was fun, right?" Ren started as they walk to the station to get back to their home.

Daigo smiled a little then nod. "Tanoshikatta." then Ren stop walking.

The older turn his head to the younger and ask him, "Eh?"

"Daigo," the younger lift his head and approach the older guy.

He swiftly scoop the older 's face with his right hand and put his forehead againts the older's.

"Eh Ren,"

Then the younger lean in and kiss him slowly.

"Oy," the older push the latter away. "What was that for?" He protested.

"Gomen, I just.., gomene," the younger said, continue walking briskily.

"What was that? That's it?"

"Eh?" Ren stop his way again and turn his head to the older.

"So you just gonna kiss me and that's it?" Daigo said heartfeelingly.


"Umae wa baka kai?" The older said again and walk ahead of the younger. but was stoped by the younger's hand on his.

"chotto matte."

Daigo turn his head.


Ren approach him again, "I'll kiss you properly this time," he said taking the older's plump lips on his one more time. Daigo can't do anything but kiss him back.

They part away and panted, the younger put his forehead againts the other and whispered.

"I love you, Daigo." He rub the older's cheek with his thumb and continue, "I love you so much. never ever avoid me ever again."

Daigo lean in and captured the younger lips again.

"I love you more, Ren. I love you more."

The younger smiled as he take Daigo's hand and kiss it sweetly.

"Are, is that the bracelet I gave you?" Ren said, tracing the beads with his thumb.

"Ah yeah that, I want to properly ask you what was this bracelet about?"

"Aah. It is a gift."

" A gift? What for?"

"For our 4th year anniversary."

"Huh? You mean 4 yeaes entering the agency?"

"Haha what's the difference?" We've together for four years now and that's what I want to celebrate."

"But we're not in one unit now," Daigo sigh, looking down.

"So? It wouldn't change the fact that I love to be with you more than I'm with anyone else."


"I'm serious, so stop matchmaking me in the magazine interview with anyone else, because I'm yours, okay."

Daigo smiled bitterly as a tear drop start rolling at the corner of his eyes.

"You are mine, Ren, you are mine."
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Nov. 16th, 2015 03:35 pm (UTC)
Thats what you get from denying him, Daigo.. now you're the one in love XD

Huhuhu i liked it!
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