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Ano Hi Ni, Anata To - Prologue

Pairing: Yoshinori Masakado X Daigo Nishihata, Daigo Nishihata X Nagase Ren
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Romance, AU
Warnings: hints of sex

ano hi ni, anata to

It wasn't like any other day, the autumn leaves start to turn greyish indicating the change of season, the warm weather started to begin all windy and chilly.

There under the big tree around the corner near the basketball court. Daigo stood there fidgeting with the hem of shirt while the other boy frowning at him, not sure what the petite yet muscular guy thinking while looking intensely at his shoes while bitting his lower lip.

"Masakado-senpai," he finally started

The older tilt his head a little when the other continue,


"I know, me too," the older continue without waiting for the latter to finish his sentence. The younger guy look up almost instantly with eyes open wide.

"Eh?" He said, try to make sure that his ears wasn't deceive him.

"You heard me," the older answered, smiled tenderly as he walk closer to the younger guy, leaning in and peck the younger's lips


"Oy, Nishihata," the math class was over and their English teacher is on the way to their class when everyone inside it start to rumble here and there in a mess, then the boy who lean his side to the door summon him.

Daigo was busy tidying his stuff on the table when the boy call him, but was instantly stop whatever his doing by the sound of his name.

"Ah, Masakado-senpai, " he smiled as he chaste to the door to meet the other guy,

The older smiled tenderly, whispering to his ear.

"My parents are not at home today so I'll feel kinda lonely, drop by after class?"

Daigo was confused at first, but agreed anyway.

"Wakatta, wait for me by the gate then, see ya," The older said, ruffling the younger's hair tenderly.

Daigo walking back to his seat with ear to ear smile.

Masakado was a last grade senpai, while himself was on his second year, he started notice the older guy since the orientation day, he was a rather athletic one, while he's a bookworm, he would secretly looking at his lovely senpai by the library window which overlook the soccerfield.

Daigo was always thinking that the older guy won't like someone like him, by someone like him he mean someone with the same sex, so it was a wonderful day to begin with when the senpai accepted his feeling despite of the fact that he didn't even confess.

Today was that rare day when the older lover of him invited him to his house, they were going out for a while now, but the latter never invited him to his house, let alone let him meet his family, he said, he wasn't ready, and that he's parents was really strict.

So, since today they aren't home, Daigo will finally visit his lover's house, they arrive at the older house with hands intertwined to each other. Daigo was staring at their hands awkwardly.

"Doushitano?" Masakado asked him, giggling.

"Nande mo nai," Daigo said, looking away as crimson red started roaming his cheeks.

"You are cute," The older giggle again, opened the door and open it wide enough fo them to enter.

The Masakado family house was not big, but it give the impression of a clean and fresh aura, the furniture was tended and organized neatly, not even a single dust visible.

taking off their shoes, the older then dragged the other to his room upstairs, it was a really nice room, the blue duvet tucked neatly as if it never being slept on, the wall was covered with photograph and medals, Daigo swore he find his picture somewhere among the photograph, taken candidly.

"Don't just stand there, come on in," the older said, entering the room, putting his bag on his desk and start unbuttoning his shirt. Daigo obeyed and enter the room also, closing the door behind him, when he turn around the other guy's clothes already taken away as he walk silently to his cupboard to pull off a tshirt to change on.

Daigo gulp by the sight and stood motionlessly.

"What are you looking at?" The older giggle, " don't stand too stiffly, you'll sprain your muscle, you can sit, you know, on my bed, for example," he continued, rolling down his tshirt then started unbuckling his trousers.

Daigo carefully sit on his bed, really carefully as if he afraid that the bedsheet will wrecked if he wasn't careful enough.

"Are you nervous?" The older turn his body, throwing his used uniform to the laundry basket next to him and approach his younger lover, sitting next to him.

"No, I'm not," Daigo gulp, looking

"Ah sou," the older nodded, then scratch his nape. He reached out and grab the youger by the chin and turn it so he can see his face clearly.

"You are cute,Nishihata," he said.

Daigo gulp once again, his hand trembling.

"Like seriously," the older giggled again.

"Are you THAT nervous??"

"Stop giggling, it's not funny," Daigo bluffed, blushing.

"I like you, Nishihata," the older smiled then lean in to capture the younger lips on his.

Daigo closed his eyes thightly as the older put more pressure on the kiss,poking his tounge out, pushing the latter to open his mouth so his tounge can get in.

They keep their sweet pace a while as the older decide to pull out, put a chaste kiss at the end then kiss the younger's forehead tenderly.

He then ran his thumb along the curve of Daigo's jawline, kissing it sweetly. Then his lips rest on the younger's temple.

"I like you so much, Nishihata."

"I like you too,Senpai,"

They pull away a little only for the older to unbutton the latter's jacket.

"Is it okay, Nishihata?" He asked, looking intensely at the younger's eyes.

"Yes," Daigo nodded hesistantly.

the older smiled tenderly as he resume his activity.

And soon enough they are out of their clothing.

They stare at each other shyly, then the older run his hand on the other's chest down to his abdomen and awarding him with a sweet kiss on his shoulder.

"Nishihata, are you sure?" He asked again to make sure that his younger lover want him as much as he wants him.

"Masakado senpai, I'm fine," Daigo said, gulping. "You can start,"

The two boys then drawn to their own little world of euphoria. Where both are refused to back out from the pleasure they deliver to each other.

Masakado land a kiss on his temple, whispering sweetly, "I love you,Nishihata," he said as he cuddled the younger closer to his chest.

Daigo smiled contently, then rolled over to kiss his lover on his cheek.

"I love you too,Senpai,"

"I think your parents will be looking for you," Masakado suddenly said, getting up to pick his clothes up, "come on, I'll give you ride to the station," he said while extending his hand to take the other's.

They rode on the older's bike to get to the station. Daigo's shirt look a little crumpled so he was trying to straighten it up when Masakado park his bike.

"Everything's okay?" the older asked, the younger nodded awkwardly as the latter take his hand.

"Let's go," he said.

"The train will be coming soon, senpai, it's okay you can leave me here." Daigo said, smiling.

"Ah sou," the older nodded, then he inching closer, putting a chaste kiss on the other's lips.
"take care," he said sweetly.

Daigo nodded and wave at his lover as he walk inside the station to catch his train, smiling widely.


There was no sign of him anywhere, he try to check the soccerfield, the gym, the library, but to no avail.

He then decided to just check on the guy's class, maybe he's just don't want to leave the class, he thought.

He knocked the third grade class hesistantly, then the door opened, a ponytail girl look at him confusedly,

"Ano, Is Masakado senpai absent today?" He asked.

The girl look hesistant at first as he look back at her friends, her friends suddenly stop talking and looking at Daigo worryly, the ponytailed turn his head back to Daigo and biting her lip,

"Have you not heard?"

"Heard what?"

" Masakado was hit by a car yesterday on his way home from a train station, he's in the hospital now," the girl finnished then look at Daigo worriedly.

Daigo consume the word slowly as his mind suddenly going blank. He ran as soon as he heard the girl's word, litteraly drown in tears as he asked which hospital his lover was in.

He arrived at the hospital with body all trembling, he tried to call his lover but to no avail. Nobody seems to have any intention to pick up his call at all.

The nurse guide him to his lover's room, the room was quiet, there's a man in suit sit beside the bed, and a woman in casual clothing beside him patting his shoulder sincerely. The unconcious guy has medical equipment surrounding his bed.

When he walked in, their heads suddenly turn to him, the woman smiled sincerely while the man's look wasn't change.

"Who told you to come,boy?" The man turn his body back and asked coldly.

Daigo froze on his spot.
"No..no one,Sir," Daigo answered hesistantly.

"Then please leave," the man continued,

"Anata.." the woman try to tell him off.

"You heard me, bring him out, I don't want that filthy boy in here,"

"Filthy, Sir?" Feeling slightly offended, Daigo asked, raised his voice a little.

"I don't like repeating myself." The man said again flatly.

"Why did you call me filthy, Sir, may I ask?" The younger guy asked again, his fist clenched in anger.

The man didn't answer.

"Could you explain, Sir? "

"Shut up, I said SHUT UP!" The man roared, turn his back to look at the younger guy as he run his palm over his face,

" You are the cause of this,"

" I didn't run my car on your son, Sir,"

"How dare you?!"

"Anata, it's enough!" The woman halt, walking briskly at Daigo, grab his arm as she dragged Daigo out of the room but Daigo didn't budge.

"How dare I am to do what, Sir?"

The woman hissed desperately at Daigo,
"It's okay, just leave us,boy, come on,"

"No, Mam, I need to hear his reason,"

" How dare you to convert my son to be like you?" The man answered, whiping his face with his palm again. "How dare you??!"

" To be like me?"

"GAY!" The man take a deep breath as he say the word, his face look terrified. "How dare you convert my son to be gay like you?"

Daigo's body stoned, his blood suddenly warm up his veins,

"What do you mean,Sir?"

"Don't you think I don't know, I KNOW that YOU are the one causing this, you are the one flirted my son and eventually make him like you, you filth!"

"I.." Daigo gulp in anger, " I love your son, Sir

"LOVE you said? All you do is spreading disease, your kind!"

"My kind?" Daigo feels his pulse rushing crazily.

"Yes, and you try to infect my son!"

" All I do is loving him, Sir,"

"He didn't need it, he didn't need your love," The man turn to his son's bed and stroke his hair tenderly. "Please forget him, leave him forever,stay away from him."


The man turn around again, "if you wont leave then he will leave, I'll take him away with me,"


"Enough, get him out of this room, Maya," the man ordered, then the woman pull Daigo's arm harder and pull him out the room.

The woman sobs uncontrolably.

"We're so sorry, Son," She sobs again. "I'm so sorry," then she leaves Daigo alone as she going back to the room.

Daigo left the hospital absent-mindedly clutching his shirt painfully as he cried his heart out.

Masakado Yoshinori was nowhere to be seen since then
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