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Ano Hi Ni, Anata To - Chapter One

Pairing: Daigo Nishihata X Nagase Ren
Yoshinori Masakado X Daigo Nishihata,
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, AU, Angst
Summary : Daigo was in love with masakado and so does the other guy, but fate put them apart, a year latter another guy appear in Daigo's life and offer him love, the love he never felt before, only that he find that he keep the secret to everything he experienced before, is he the medication for his wound or the cause of it?

Riiiiiiiiinnnggggggggg. riiiiiiinggggg.

The alarm was ringing crazily, pushing the owner to wake up in this particular windy morning.

"DAIGO WAKE UP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU GONNA BE LATE!!" And to an addition to a ringing galore of his newly bought alarm clock -the old one was thrown absent-mindedly at one time when he refuse to wake up the other day- his mom joining in screaming out of her lungs from the kitchen.

The boy scratching his head in frustration, As he lazily lift his body up.

"You are tooo noisy!!" He shout in anger. But getting up anyway, putting on his uniform lazily and drag his feet down to the dining room.

"Do you realize what day is today?" His mom said, both hands on her waist, one of which holding a spatula, eyes pierced intensely at his youngest son.

"umm. Monday?" Daigo said nonchalantly, pulling a chair and sit on it, reaching out to grab on the sandwich.

"Of course I know it is monday, but what else?" His mom growl in frustration.

Daigo pause a minute looking at his mom confusedly.

"Mom, are we going to play this 'guess the day' game or is it okay for me to chew my sandwich now?"

The woman let out a big sigh and whacked the son's head.

"There's an entrance ceremony today, you are the new student body comittee member, how could you be late at this very important day?!"


"See, you forget, told you right," The woman sigh again.

"Ja, ittekimasu!" The boy suddenly stop his eating, grabbing his bag in a rush manner and dashing to leave the house.

" Be carefull, I'll be back after dinner!!" his mom shout at his son as he is dissapearing at the front door.


The hall already crowded with people when he arrive, the newbies look altogether nervous and excited at the same time. Not long from that the principal arrived. And everyone was fall to silence.

Only two of the newbies can hardly keep their mouth shut at the corner, talking and giggling to each other.

a tall boy with copper brown hair and stiff jawline and a rather chubby one, they keep talking as the principal deliver the welcome speech that the middle aged guy have to call them off, awarding them a detention.

A perfect day to have detention that is, the first day of school. A really brave start.

Daigo was shorting down the new books collection from the container, he always love the smell of new book, it calms him somehow.

He was about to put the book on the shelf when a lanky boy entered the library,

"Excuse me, Is Nishihata-senpai here??!" He shouts loudly and everyone's eyes turn at him.

whacking the boy with the book he was holding, Daigo proceed to drag the younger away from the door.

"Are you stupid, this is a library, people going here to read! Mind your voice!" Daigo hissed in annoyance.

"Ah, gomen," the younger said, "Are you Nishihata? Takeuchi-san told me to find you, he want me to help you with library works, here," he continued, handling the older his detention card.

"Ah you are that noisy boy, how could you get a detention on your first day of school, that's pathetic." Daigo said, scanning through the detention card.

"Thank you, that's an awesome compliment, Senpai!" the boy grinned, Daigo's lip twitch.

"So, are you gonna stand there forever? Help me short these stuff!" Daigo ordered.

"Eh? Short? What do you mean?" The younger said, looking at the older confusely, the latter however already resuming his activity on picking up the book from the container and put it on his desk to short.

"Well you have to seperate it by the genre, by the type, I mean, for examples, books with numbers they'll go to math sections..."

"Every book has number on it right? The page," the younger giggled. Daigo stop his doings and stare at the guy upsetly, raising his eyebrow.

"Okay I got it, seperate it by the type it is." The younger gulp.

They short the book silently as the younger decided to break the quietness.

"Ne, Senpai, so you like to read?"

"Just finish your part, Nagase,"

"I was just wondering." The younger shrugged.

"Wondering about what?" The older asked, never looking away from the books he was shorting.

"That excited and dreamy face of yours when you look at these books, I mean, you must be really love reading. Just wondering," the younger shrugged again.

Daigo paused a little then continue, " That's none of your bussiness."


"Ne, Nishihata, you really love to read, aren't you?" They were at their school rooftop, Daigo was laying casualy on his boyfriend's lap, reading his favorite novel, while getting his hair stroke tenderly by the older guy.

"Eeh, why do you ask?" The younger pull down his book a little and looking up to the latter.

"That excited and dreamy face of yours when you read is unbeliavable, it makes me jealous sometimes." The older pout cutely,

"Eeehh? Nanda sore?" The younger getting up at instant, putting his book aside, " I love Masakado-senpai more than anything else in this world, please believe that," he said reassuringly, putting both of his hands on the older's cheeks.

the older burst to laughter, ruffling the younger's hair gently, " I know that,I'm just kidding," he giggles, putting his tounge out.

"I love Nishihata more than anything else in the world too," he said, leaning closer to kiss the younger's cheek sweetly.

Raising his eyebrow in annoyance, Daigo stare at the detention card in front of him almost unbelievingly.

"You.got.detention. again. Nagase." He sigh, throwing the detention card to the younger's face.

"Ouch, yes, sorry, I.."

"That's why you have to keep your mouth shut, and dye back your hair black before the teacher notice,"

"Oh yeah about the hair, they already notice, that's why I am grounded for the whole semester,"

"Wow, that's amazing!" Daigo commented sarcastically,

"Yeah, I will help you here at the library for one semester straight! Isn't that awesome?"

"Wha-ITTA!" Daigo shout in pain as the book he was holding was dropped straight to his toes due to sudden shock.

"Ssshhh, Nishihata Senpai, it's a library, people going here to read!" The younger hissed.

Daigo picking up the book at the floor and wacked his head hard.

"Don't tell me what I need to do! I'm the senpai here!"

"Itta!" Nagase scratch his head upsetly,

" If you are here to help, then help me, here, put this book at the top shelf, I can't reach that," Daigo spat, shoving a pile of books to the younger's chest.

"Ohok, oh-kay, fine. " the younger sigh in defeats.

"Ne, tell me senpai, what was your favorite books of all time?"

"Why do you need to know?" Daigo said, consentrating on putting the book at the shelf neatly while the younger push the trolley, and help him to put books on higher place since he kind of "tiny".

"Well, I'm just wondering," the younger shrugged.

"Then stop wondering about something unnecessary," Daigo said, eyes still glued at the book then at the shelf.

"You know we can read people by knowing what kind of book they are reading, I was just trying to know you, Senpai,"

"And why should you?" Daigo suddenly stop, turn his back to face the younger guy.

"I just, find you interesting," the younger answer.

"Tsk, " Daigo click his tounge, as he turn his back to it's original position. "Don't be kidding me,"


Ano hi ni, anata to?" The older frown by the word his boyfriends stating.

"Yup, that's the title,"

"Why do you like it so much?"

"Because the hero just like you, he has this cute dimple on his cheek, he's sweet and tender, he's like you alot."

"At the end the hero died and they didn't live happily ever after, that's dark,"

"I'm not a girl, Masakado senpai, I don't need my happily-ever-after-lousy-princess story, the couple's love never dies that's enough for me,"

The older giggled and pull the younger to his embrace, "Then don't say the hero's like me, I would never ever leave the one I love, I'll be with you for the rest of my life," he whispered sweetly.


"He didn't showed up today, is he?" Takekura-san, the librarian,ask as Daigo finish labeling the borrowed books in front of him,

"Eh? Who?"

"Nagase," Takekura said, then continued, " He's quiet popular, that kid, girls in his class are crazy about him, they often visit this library, giggling while secretly taking his picture," the young woman giggles.

"Ah sou-ka," Daigo said, nodding his head.

" He was suppose to be at the pool assisting Kaneuchi for his detention but he pick it here at the library to assist you instead, eventhough he didn't like to read, I think he really like you," the woman giggles again.

"Eeeehh, nani sore??" Daigo scratch his nape nervously, "Well, if he really like me, then why didn't he showed up today?" He asked, folding his hands on his chest together.

"Oh, I remember, he has soccer trial today," the woman said again.

"He play soccer?" Daigo asked again.

"Apparently, and he was really good, from what I've heard."

Daigo didn't say anything.

"Go on, you can watch his trial if you want, I'll cover you, you can leave." Takekura said, smiled idly,

"Well, I..."

"Just go, Daigo-chan~" tapping both of his shoulder gently, guiding him out of the library, the woman then wave his little partner goodbye and Daigo swear he saw she was winking a little.


Daigo stood a little away from the soccer field leaning on a tree while looking at the kids intensely, his eyes trying to find that particular person.

The latter seem to notice him right away that Daigo have to pretend to look away to avoid his gaze, the younger flirted giggled anyway and give a hyperexcited wave at him which he unconciously replied but not as excited. He keep avoiding his gaze.

The boy was so great, he managed to tackle all of his opponent and score the perfect goal that bunch of girls start shrieking histerically at him. Daigo shriek a little too, much to his surprise.

The trial was over and everyone was cheering the boys up, Daigo can help but smile a little. He was about to leave his spot when that particular boy approach him. All he can do was acting cool like he always did in front of him.

"Nishihata-senpai, you came!" He smiled excitedly, "How do you know about my trial?" That guy was practically grinning ear to ear.

"That's because you didn't show up at the library today, so I need to know your whereabout," Daigo answered flatly, clearing his throat as he said so.

"Ah sou, so you are looking for me," The younger laughed, wipping his sweaty forhead with a face towel, "miss me much?" He teased.

"It's not that, I was just make sure you do your detention properly," Daigo said, his face is blushing,

"You are blushing," Nagase teased again, laughing harder.

"Shut up!" Daigo push the latter jokingly,

"Hai, hai wakatta, I'll be there soon, let me wash up first, I'm stink," the younger said again, smiling wildly,

"Yes you are, don't you dare walk in to my library smelling like this," Daigo frown.

"Ha ha ha, okay then, see you later, Senpai," the younger then run back to the bench to pick his things up and dash to the washing room, waving at the older happily.


"Tadaima," a lanky hand suddenly block Daigo eyesight as he putting the book to its right position on the shelf.

"You, the fuck are you doing?" Daigo hissed at the other guy.

"Detention," the younger grin, the older turn his back so he was leaning to the bookshelf, the younger take an advantage to block both his way out with both of his hands, inching closer, only to receive a hard whack on the head by the older.


"Please do your dettention properly, Nagase!"
Daigo was about to move to other section, when the younger, as stubborn as he is, pressing the older's shoulder back to the shelf as he lean closer and peck the older's lips.

"Wha-, don't be kidding me!" Daigo push Nagase away rather harshly, leaving the boy gobsmacked.



"What the??"


Daigo was laying on his bed dozing off, trying to comprehend by the fact that his junior just kiss him, by the lips, that the sound of someone throwing things on his window was intoleratable.

He upsetly open the window that to his surprise, finding someone he wasn't really expecting.

"Mom, I'll going out for walk,"he shouted before leaving the house.

"What are you doing here? How do you know my house?" Daigo said as he opened the gate and approach the other guy.

"I want to meet you, I know from the guy on your class, and I kinda live near here so yeah.."

"You are stupid, Nagase,"

"I might be crazy, but not stupid."


"Let's take a walk."

They walk in silent, stop at the park nearby as they decided to sit there on the concrete bench, still in silent.

"Look, I'm sorry, I don't mean to..."

"Mean to what?"

"Well I was meant to kiss you, I wasn't meant to make you angry,"

"And how kissing me not making me angry?"

"Maybe, I expect you to kiss me back,"


"I like you, Nishihata-Senpai, I like you a lot,"

"Don't be kidding me," Daigo was about to stand and leave Nagase when the younger stop him from doing so.

"I mean it, I really mean it,"

"You are just a kid, Kid,"

"I'm not a kid, Senpai," Nagase stated, " I can love you better than anyone."

"Oh come on,"

" Try me, try going out with me, I promise to love you my all, Senpai, and if it's not working out, you can trash me anytime you like. Let me love you senpai."


the younger getting up from his seat, pulling the older with him as he embrace the latter thightly.

They pull apart as the younger lean forward to plant a kiss on the older's lips.

" I like you, Nishihata senpai,"
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