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Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Summary : nothing, just Watanabe Shota enroll to your uni and you don't even care.

A/n : this was my twin sister's request, nothing really heavy on the plot, only a light one because... it's so fucking hard to write oc's

"That's why I told you, they are not my taste, quit talking about them,"

" Are you sure you won't attracted even a slightest bit?"


"You savage, I'm off,"

sighing, she put her phone down rather harshly on her bed, as she lay with eyes wide open staring at the ceiling,

It just that it's getting annoying sometimes when you already said you don't like certain things but people keep pushing you to like them.

People have preferences and her is not include korean looking japanese boyband, nope, if anything would be categorized as inconsistent they would be the perfect example.

She lazily scan through the heaps of picture her friends send her, taking her sweet time deleting it one by one when she stop at one picture, she paused a little, making short consideration whether she would save it or deleting it. She keep it as it is.


Morning comes when she lazily dragged her feet to her class, yawning, once in a while fixing her glasses.

"Yumi, you slow poke, hurry up, they said a new transfered student is here today," her friends approach her,looking happy as fuck, giggling cutely,

"And why is this transfered student important?" Yumi frowned, observing the overly hype girl in front of her irritatedly.

"Because he's a Johnny!"

"No," Yumi shock her head, then laugh. "What the hell,"

"Gosh, you like them right?"

"No, I like my classes, now, if you excuse me..."

"That's the time when I told Takizawa kun to give me his hat!" An extravagant guy with a copper brown hair talking vigorously when a series of cute girls and sissy boy following him behind.

The guy took a slight glance at Yumi and continue his made up story, while the masses behind him happily listening to his bullshits.

"Yumi," her friends shook her."Yumi blink," she shook her harder.

"Gosh, I need to go the toilet,"

"Me too,"

"No, you don't need to," she said while rushing to the toilet. putting her bag on the wastafel and splashing her face with cold water.

"Samui!" She sigh, "it's him, it's him, why should it be him?"

"Can you pass me the toilet paper?" Somebody say behind her back, she pass the paper without looking at her back and continue mumbling, then she realise something is not right then turn her body in surprised.

"Omae! what are you doing in a girls bathroom?!" She said widen her eyes.

"Ah machigai na, I just need to wash my hand, I think I enter the wrong one,"

"You think?! Get out you pervert," the girl push the taller guy away,hitting him with her bag.

"Hey, easy, don't you know me, I'm Snowman's Wat-"

"No, I don't know you, I don't want to know, nor associated with a boardmarker lable company,"

"Boardmarker? You mean....hey"

"Get out!" She irritatedly shoving the guy out of the bathroom.

"I'm guessing, you are not a fan,"

"No, I don't stand around cooling people, now get out of my way," She angrily stomping her feet and leaving the shocked yet thrilled guy behind.


"Isn't he the most wonderful thing ever," the girl beside her said dreamily, throwing flirty glance to the celebrity.

"He's not even debuted yet, keep your things together, Miss," Yumi smirk continuing her notes.

"Aahh, so you knoooww~" the girl giggled.

" 'Know' , doesn't mean 'like', you know," she said again still concentrated on her notes, the other girl swatted the notebook away,

"Stop being so cold, he's been looking here for past few minutes, and I don't think he looks at me,"

Yumi sigh, "And what should I do about it, told him to look at you?"

"He looks at you!!!"

"Oh congratulation!" Yumi said unamused, pulling back her notes, " I don't care,"

"Stop being so blunt, you are being noticed by a celebrity,"

"A junior celebrity, the immature predebutant celebrity,"

"That's harsh,"

"You're welcome,"


"Yumina, right?" She was about to leave the class when the guy spread his hand on the door, blocking her way out,

"Left, I need to leave, get out of my way,"

"You're funny," the guy giggled.

"You are not," the girl rolled her eyes, unamused. Pushing the guy's hand away, leaving him.

"Are you always this harsh?" He said, following the girl behind,

"Only to certain people,"


"You are on my top list,"

"Ah ureshiii," the guy smile contently,

Yumi turn her head, her lips twitch.

" You can keep my number,"

"Not interested,"

"I'll leave it anyway," the guy said, shoving a piece of paper on her hand, then leaving her, winking.

"Mattaku," Yumi sigh.


"What?! You are saying that you have Watanabe-oh-so-gorgeous-shota's number and don't care about it? And why are you telling me this?"

"Because you might be interested,"

"Do you have Iwamoto's too?"



"Because I'm not yellow pages, I don't have anyone's number,"

"Ask him, gosh I should enrolled to your uni so I can meet him too, oh wait, I'm still in highshool,"

"You are still a kid,"

"A fabolous one," the girl on the other line giggled, "So you want to share the number to your fabolous twin sist or not?"

"No, you'll do wicked things with it,"

"Like what? Put Sectusempra spell on it? Or petrificus totalus-ing it? You are being irrational here,"

"I'm not giving his number to you, period,"

"Just said you want to keep it to yourself, you sleek,"

"Whatever, I need to sleep,"

"Sure sure, old people need more sleep, I got you,"

"Shut up." She giggled as she hang up the phone, staring at the paper confusedly.


"You didn't call,"

"You sit on the wrong side of the room, move,"

"Why didn't you call?"

"Why did you sit here?"

"Answer me first,"


The guy scratch his head. Look annoyed, he get up from his seat and lean to the girl's seat inching his head closer to her face,

"I like you," he whispered

"Ewwh, go away," She push the guy away, the guy backing down and turn his body, frowning as he left the girl.

Her heart pounding uncontrolably, crimson red started crawling to her cheeks, she twist her hair clumsily. She has no idea how to respond and the first thing come to her mind is shoving the guy away, she felt slight guilt for it.

She meddling her finger in anxiety as she stand in front of her class, she just want to say sorry for being too harsh to him, and nothing else, she said to herself, she won't ask for more.

The expected guy exit the class, unexpectedly with a rather slender girl, his hand around the girl's waist, he throw annoyed look at her even before she said anything.

"Nanda yo? Yumina-san? Are you trying to talk to me now?" He said mockingly,

Yumi felt slightly offended, straighten her body up and stated firmly, "No, I just want to return something I don't interested in at all," she said when throwing the paper with the guys number in it, turn her body and leaving him.


"You what? Hahahahahahha,"

"Stop laughing,"

"It's so funny,"

"It's not!!"

"It is!!"

"That's why I told you to give the number to me so I can put a spell in it," the girl on the other line laugh harder.

"Don't be kidding me," Yumi sigh,

"So you like him, right?"


"And now, I've been your unrelated-by-blood-twin-sister for the whole time in my life now, I know what you would feel,"

"I don't like him,"

"You don't like to admit that you like him,"


"Yup, you do, go talk to him, whatever you want to tell him when you wait for him at the door earlier today,"


"Ah whatever, and if you do make up with him, please.. pleasseee ask for Iwamoto's number,"

"What the,"


She lean on the wall besides her class, rocking his feet impatiently, once in a while fixing her hair. When the guy's figure appeared from a far he fidget uncomfortably on her shirt's hem.

"Watanabe," She said shakingly, "I need to talk to you,"

Watanabe smirk, "So now, you want to talk?" He giggled,

Yumi scratched her head, as he pull the guy away from the door, drag him to the rooftop.

"Wow, are you trying to rape me here?" Watanabe joked,

"Shut up," Yumi said blushing.

"What is it?" The guy asked.

"Mmm... ah, I just want to say... I'm sorry," Yumi said, bowing to the older guy,

"Eh for what?"

"For shoving you around and for being harsh to you," she said uncomfortably,

The guy giggled, "Ma naa, a lot of people being harsh to me sometimes, I'm getting scolded a lot by our coreographer too,even Miyadate have to tell me off several times a day," he walks closer to the girl, " it's okay," he said pushing the girl's hair behind her ear.

"Ah souu," Yumi said, "So yeah, I'll be back t-"

He didn't let the girl finish her sentence as he pull her into a thight hug, "And I mean it, when I said I like you,"

"Eh? Watanabe?" Yumi said, "Eeeehhhh?" She push the guy away a little.

"Why are you so shocked about it?"

"The girl you've been hugging yesterday?"

"Ah she's my cousin, hahaha, I enroll here to help her with her studies, in exchange, I ask her to pretend to be close to me to make you jealous,"

"You came that far?"

"It's fun," He giggled. Yumi's lips twitch, she turn around and leave the guy chastily,

"Eh nande?" Watanabe asked, confused.

"You are weird," The girls said, hastily climb down the stairs.

Watanabe grab her hand and pull her backward make her lost her balance, the guy proceed to catch her swiftly.

"But I like you anyway," he said, as he land a sweet kiss on the girl's lips.
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Mar. 27th, 2016 03:54 pm (UTC)
goosebuuummppsss bc too cheesy lol

i can proofread for you, you know xD
i wonder if nabesho is rly into playing catch-me-if-you-can thing like that but this plot could also work even if you change character so, thank you so much for writing this!!
Mar. 27th, 2016 03:58 pm (UTC)
You mean change character to who?
To iwamoto? Wkwkwk.

I have had the idea of him being rejected a lot by girls but want to chase her whatsoever haha.

So I made it like this,
There is not much I can think of with someone I don't familiar with hahaha.

If you ask me to write you with Daigo, I can do better than this, but cheesier of course,

The more cheese the better. Haha.
Mar. 28th, 2016 03:13 pm (UTC)
Thankyou for making me laughing like an idiot.

"No, I don't know you, I don't want to know, nor associated with a boardmarker lable company," >> THIS

*tebar konfeti*
Mar. 28th, 2016 05:05 pm (UTC)
It has to be mentioned kar wkwkwkwk.

I got all mixed up between boardmarker and flipflops actually,

Then I remember, flipflop is swallow not snowman 😂

Thank you for reading 😍😚😚
May. 9th, 2016 07:47 am (UTC)
Very cheesyyyyy! Its cute.
I cannot act harsh to a handsom guy like Nabesho.
May. 12th, 2016 01:32 pm (UTC)
Hiiii, where have you beeen??

Thank you for reading this!!

Btw I've write some DaixRen and MasaxDaigo too heheeee
May. 12th, 2016 07:07 pm (UTC)
Believe me. Ive been busy with work. I wasnt able to open my LJ for half a year?

May. 13th, 2016 04:32 pm (UTC)
I have made new Dairen fics hahahahha hope it will heal your longing for Dairen 😊😊😊
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