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Untitled - The Spinoff

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Summary : and now, the other side of a coin, from another wallet.

"You what?!"

"Do I have to repeat it again?"

"Yes, no, what? are you seriously going out with oh-so-gorgeous Watanabe Shota right now???!!!"

" And how many time should I say yes?"


"What do you mean by uso??"

"That couldn't be, why why why why??!"

"What do you mean by why????"


"Seriously, if all you can do is doubting whether I tell you the truth or not, I better hang up the phone,"

"Oh wait wait wait,"

"Now what?"

"Have you ask him-"

"No, I don't have time nor intention on asking him whether Iwamoto already get a girlfriend or not,"

"Now why?"

"No 'why's, but Watanabe and I will meet this weekend, he brought his lovable Iwamoto..." Yumi paused as she heard the other line is inhaling deeply, "I might bring you there."


Yumi have to literally backing away from her cellphone as the girl on the other line is shrieking histerically,

"I'll meet you at the train station,"

"Which one?"

"The one with the convenient store next to it,"

"There are so many station with that criteria!"

"I'll text you the name of the station, you will forget easily if I say it directly,"

"Ah. Okaaay, gosh, what should I wear??? Hang up for now, I gotta go buying new clothes~Byeeeee"

"Geez," Yumi sigh as she put off the phone.


"What happen? The bird got your tounge?" Yumi said, teasing the overly energetic girl by her side, who suddenly become very quiet as the sight of her bestfriend's boyfriend with his bestfriend appeared in front of them, one of which smiling brightly while the other pulling his usual resting-bastard-face.

"There are no birds, anywhere around us," Hana hissed, standing up too stiff that it kind of frightening.

" 'Birds' here are metaphor," Yumi said, giggling.

"Don't kid, you savage, look at my face, is everything on the right place?"

Yumi turn to look at her friend's face,


"What? What happen?" Hana asked panicly

"Your left eye, it switch place with your ears,"

"Geezzz," Hana slap the older on the arms as the guys finaly arrive in front of them.

"Yumi chan, ohayou," Watanabe grin, waving happily,

"Ah," Yumi nodded, "so Iwamoto?" She asked,

"Ah, sorry, forget to introduce you, Yumi-chan, this is Iwamoto, my bestfriend, and um.. snowman's member, and Hikaru, this is Yumi-chan, my girlfriend," The older said again grinning as he put his arm around Yumi's shoulder, Iwamoto smiled and shake Yumi's hand.

"I told you not to use the "chan" that's disgusting," Yumi said scolding her boyfriend, then shakes Hikaru's hand, " oh and this is Hana, my friend, she's your f-" she was about to have full introduction on her friend but the younger was faster as she elbow the other girl before she can finish her sentence, "ouch,"

"Ha-hai, Hana desu, yoroshiku," she awkwardly shakes the guy's hand.


They are having lunch on the steakhouse in Shibuya, the guys sitting side by side, so does the girls.

Yumi absolutely don't care with the way she sits while the younger sit upright,shoulder in elbows out, leg cross nicely, swaying his hand now and then.

"Are we in the princess diary movie or something?" Yumi whispered to her younger seperated-by-blood twin sist

"I try to be a graceful lady," The younger said, murmuring from the corner of her lips.

"Don't try to kill yourself," Yumi said again,

"I'm not killing myself, I'm unleashing my true potential as a lady,"


"You guys already ordered?" Watanabe asked frowning confusedly at the girls in front of him

"Oh, I... mmm, ten.. tenderloin, with mushroom sauce, put extra cheese on the side, mash potato not fries, and I like it medium rare, please," Hana said to the waiter,

Yumi look at her in disbelief.

"I have the normal one, tenderloin, and welldone, I don't like seeing blood on my meals, I feel like a cavemen who haunts my own lucnh, thank you,"

"You just did a serious crime on steak, miss," Hana said protesting her twin,

"And what was that,"

"Nobody insane enough to have their steak welldone, you vandalizing the tenderness of the beef,"

"I'm not having this conversation with you," she warn the younger then turn to talk to the waiter, " you may proceed with our order, thank you,"

"Oh sis,"

"Sh shs sh..."

Hana was about to open her mouth when Iwamoto giggled.

"You two are so funny," He laughed

"I born funny, she's just tailing my funnyness when She know me,"

"In fact, missy, I'm way more funnier than you,"

"So, Iwamoto," Yumi said, cutting the irrational talk, Hana here is in love with. Yoouuu...r muscle," she was about to say the word 'love you' but Hana kick her on her kneecaps that she refer it something worse.

"Eh?" Iwamoto said,

"Don't listen to her, seriously," Hana laugh awkwardly,

"If you love it I'll tell you how I achieve it,"

"Don't, seriously don't" Hana said while Watanabe and Yumi laugh, they know exactly that Hikaru won't stop talking when it comes to muscle training, afterall he's a muscle.train maniacs.

"Why?" Iwamoto frown,

"Let's talk about something else!" Hana said cheerfully,

"Yeah, let's start with the one that is confirming whether you already have a girlfriend or not." Yumi said, crossing her arms.

Hana gasp and throw a nasty look on her friend,

Iwamoto giggle but answer anyway, " No, I haven't got any girlfriend," he laugh,

"That baaba one are not categorized as girlfriend,eh?" Watanabe said, giggling,

"Shut up," Iwamoto laugh, shoving his friend,

"Baabaa?" Hana said,

"My friend here is very famous around 'OLDer' lady, you see with all that muscle and that face of him," Watanabe then laugh histerically,

"WHAT?!" Hana said again, her eyes seems like it will pop out anytime soon,

"Seriously, don't believe anything he said, I don't like older women," Iwamoto said, calming Hana down,

"Except when they have much money," Watanabe giggle again,

"Seriously, Shota, shut the fuck up," Iwamoto hissed, annoyed by his friend.

"Watanabe!" Yumi scold her boyfriend,

"Ah gomen, I'm just kidding, Hana-chan" The guy grin to his girlfriend's friend.

"Ah, maa ne," Hana said, looking dissapointed,


"So yeah, where will we go after this?" Watanabe said,

"I want to look at new bags, they have new collection release yesterday," I wamoto said,

"I don't want to look at man's bag, that'll boring, but Hana love bags, aren't you, Hana?" Yumi said, shoving her friend,

"Yeah, well, I know a few of them," Hana said,

"Okay then, me and Yumi will be around, you want to look for books, honey?"

"Don't honey me," Yumi hissed, " but, yeah sure,"

"I'll be on MCM's outlet," Hana said,

"How do you know I want to go there?" Iwamoto said, giggling.

"Ah? I'm asking myself how did I know, haha," Hana said, rolling her eyes.

"Sooo, see you later," Yumi said, dragging her boyfriend away.

And they go seperate ways, Hana and Iwamoto walk in silence, as they are mendling with the crowd it was pretty contrast.

"Hana-chan," Iwamoto start, Hana turn her head to him,

"Mm? By the way don't put the 'chan' on it, it's disgusting," she said, giggling awkwardly,

"Ah, sorry," Iwamoto said, then continue, "please don't believe anything Watanabe told you," he said again,

Hana laugh, " Seriously, you are that scared that I will believe in it?"

"I..was.. well," Iwamoto said, scratching his nape.

Hana was a fast walker, eventhough her legs are slightly shorter than the other but she manage to walk ahead of him, that cause the other to grasp on her hand to prevent her walking any further away,

"Chou matte, how can you walk so fast," Iwamoto said, pulling the girl's hand.

Hana paused for a moment as she stare at her hand.

"Eh?" She said,

"Sorry, I have to hold your hand, or else you will dissapear in the crowd," Iwamoto said,

"Ahh, sou," Hana said, blushing, "ah there it is," She said again pointing at the store.

They entering the store, the guy walk extravagantly while the girl walk behind him in awe, she walk rather slowly, afraid that she will scratches the collection.

"Iwamoto-san, Konichiwa," the sales clerk welcome him.

"Yabai, he's a regular customer," Hana said on her brain,

"Ah konichiwa, I see you have a new collection," he said, grinning, his hand keep on holding the girl's

"Sure, you may follow me,sir," the sales clerk smile politely, guiding them to the shelf on the further back of the shop.

Hana was practically awed by the sight, she was oftenly pass through the shop but never dare to go inside it, everything inside the store are practically more expensive then her bodyparts so she walk carefully behind the guy, holding herself not to touch anything.

"Why are you so tense?" Iwamoto giggled,

"Nothing," the girl whispered.

They arrive at the shelf as the clerk taking the newly release bag to the viewing shelf, the bag was their regular backpack model with gold stud, only at the straps they put more gold fabric in it to make it more flashy,

Iwamoto is flashy, it will suits him, Hana thought.

"How much is it?" Iwamoto asked,rubbing the straps with his thumb,

the sales clerk mention the price which send Hana's blood down on her veins, she can go to college with that amount, she think.

Iwamoto turn to the girl then giggle,

"What do you think?" He asked.

Hana inhale deeply then whisper to him, "it's fucking expensive, you can feed the entire orphanage with that amount of money," She said,

Iwamoto laugh,

"I mean the design," He said, what do you think"

"Oh.. well," Hana said, take a closer look at the bag, "You rarely choose the backpack aren't you, it is either clutch or totebag..."

"How do you know?" Iwamoto cut,


"How do you know I have their clutch?" Iwamoto asked her again,

"I just... guessing,"

Iwamoto lean to the bag and take a closer look to it,

"It have similar color with the clutch I have," He said,

"Wasn't it brown?" Hana said,

Iwamoto smirk,

"You are seriously a die hard fan, miss," He commented, he ordered the sales clerk to wrap his newly bag as he proceed his payment, afterthat they leave the shop.

Iwamoto grin as he sway their hands together.


"Call me Hikaru," he said.


"I knew it, I knew it,"

"What did you know?"

"I know you like meeeee," He said, teasing the girl. A creep of red burst onto the girl's cheek

"Well, I'm sorry," Hana said as she pull out her hand from his grip, stopping her way.

"Eh," Iwamoto said, "Nande,"

"Sorry for liking a celebrity like you," Hana said again, looking down.

Iwamoto approach her and lift her chin up to face him.

"I'm an idol, not a celebrity," He grins, then he take her hand back on his grip,

"And, I kind of like you too," he said, giggling,

"Eh, what?" Hana stop again,

Iwamoto sigh,

"Well you heard me, I like you too," he grin, looking at the girl.


Hikaru walk closer to the girl as he whispered on her ear,

"I like you, I do,"

Hana feels like she's about to faint any minute.


"And he said, he like me tooooo, can you believe it? IWAMOTO HIKARU, LIKE. ME. TOOOOO," she is literally screaming to Yumi's pillow as she tell her twin-sis her magical love story,

"Yeah yeah then what?" Yumi said, brushing away the chips that were falling endlesly on the bed as the girl who munch on it now bouncing happily not minding the fact that she is eating chips,

"And then we KISS!!!" She said again rolling around on Yumi's bed, "I think I sprained my neck when we kiss because he freakingly tall but I don't care, I kiss THE Iwamoto Hikaru, huwaaaa,"

"Yeah," Yumi said, "I kiss THE Watanabe Shota, what a coincidence," she rolled her eyes.

"Oh yeah, I just remember that," Hana said giggling, " so is he propose to you yet?"

"We're just going out for a month," Yumi said,


Yumi raised her eyebrow,

"You should marry him, Yumi, and if I marry Hikaru, then we can be real sisters!!"

"Shota and Hikaru are not related by blood you dumbass," Yumi said, palming her face

"Ah you are right.... oh well then, finally I got to be with somebody I want the most," Hana grin,
"Thank you twinsist!!" She said again, crawled on the other side of the bed to hug Yumi tight, too tight that the other girl suffer from hyperventiles.

"Seriously, GET OFF OF ME!!"

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May. 9th, 2016 07:25 am (UTC)
Ah this is cute!
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