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Title : Zig Zag Love

Title: Zig Zag Love
Characters/Pairings: Iwamoto HikaruxNishihata Daigo, Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo
Rating: PG-13
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Takizawa Kabuki Singapore Report part 1

So, yeah, I kinda miss the flight.

I was really frustrated, in term of more money lost T.T
why everything in connection with Johnny's always money consuming????


anyway, got sparetime to atually write report here, because tomorow I got to get back to the office.
and office mean work so I can't write, because I got to work ( simple conclusion)

so, Why in the first place I was going to the Singapore??

it is of course by none other to watch the heiress of
the Giant Entertainment Empire in Japan. JOHNNYS ENTERTAINMENT

it was a realy rare occasion, like, what they said, once in blue moon
that Johnny bring this kind of the show abroad and near my hometown.
so here I go.

my trip was fun though is all seems in a rush, lost my friend's MRT card the minute I topped it up (like seriously) and get to the USS in a rush manner, I only got to play 3 rides in 2 hours, how sick is thaaat???

only that I realise that the real deal is this chow,
this is the main event,

so yeah, it's time for me to give you a proper report, other than my rant hahaha sorry.

so, I arrive at 6.30 local time, straight to the theater, people are gathered, mostly Japanese, like, seriously, even that the show was meant to be for abroad viewer, the most attendees are Japanese, some oldies and non-Johnnys' fans also there, and I also spotted some Indonesian.
how would I know? they just simply easy to be spotted :)

anyway, I change me electronic ticket to the physical one, because it looks better that way hahaha,
and get into the line, buying some merchandise first. too bad I can't get the phamplet (is anyone get extras, please tell me :)) and wait until the gate is open.

my gate is on the third floor, after buying popcorn and water,which was undeniably expensive. I got inside the teater.

next to me was a family, one grandma, grandpa, and some youngsters which I pretty sure wasn't the fans of Johhny's so I kinda hype up alone.

anyway the show start with the appearance of Takizawa-san with white tux, and followed with his juniors. ANYWAY, I can only spot IWAMOTO HIKARU so please bear with me :)

I just gonna write things I remember so I won't be too detailed with my report, and it is also based on theater person's point of view ( sorry if I look to braggy, but I really is in the theater related field)

so, the junior dance, how far as I remember the clothes was kungfu-like red costume, then at the daze snowman change to a rather yelowish, greenish glow in the dark costume.
and they tur off the light and put a blacklight on so the boys shone beautifully.

the first part of the show is some modern themed performance, dancing Michael Jackson Thriller's like dance, and so on.

I don't remember the right sequences but the second part I think it was the taiko? sorry for my bad memory.

so the taiko, it is bunch of some younger-than-me-but-not-underage-boys who unexpectedly muscular and haveing a hot body ( please spare this comment) together with Kitayama and Kawai, who's older than me, playing Japanese traditional drums, wohooo.

have you ever been trying to do sit ups while plying drums?
I know you haven't but, wait a minute, this guys did. Anyway they are Johnny's, even if it require slicing your hand, you will do it anyway :)

afterthat Takki get into the somekind of new ride on USS when you can play Taiko while rotatin 360 degree, and yes, he play the taiko upside down.

what wowed me the most is that every single detail in this performance was flawless, the move of the set the costume changing.
anyway, who was moving the set? the junior of course, the performer, some some black man.

they do have several blackman who do the work if it getting out of hands, but mostly all the move the Juniors did, was mostly for the operational matter.

They got to dance while pulling the carpet for the next scene, move the mattress and so on and so on.
I was in perfect position to watch and observe the theater mechanism but not for fangirling haha

anyway the econd part was the Kabuki part. In this part you gotta see the clips from the previous performance, including the Taisuke Fujigaya's one. meanwhile, you can spot Mr. Taki dooing the kabuki make up on the right corner. we can see how it is doing while kabuki artist having their make up put on.

after that came two younger debutant. or whatever it called. Kitayama and Fumito, the act is supposedly writing a kanji character with giant brush.
anyway, I know it is gigantic, but is it that hard to actually write with that thing? it's like you are mopping the floor right? no?
because Kitayama look like he was about to faint when he did the writtings.
like seriously??

and Fumito was there and singing to fill the absence. oh yeah, like, what more would they do?
and finaly the kanji was finnish *clasp*, I never failed to notice how Hiromi Goto's costume was changed everytime they change the theme, and what he do was playing the violin, of course it's a big role but, the idea of, no one barely put an eye on him but to have him also change clothes and everything is awesome, awesome details, awesome concept.

so move to the next stage.
or backward, I don't remember which one come first, haha.
the theme was suppose to be the Japanese robin hood.
sorry I forgot the name.

so the story is about a man who stole from a wealthy people and giving the money for poor people, the act feature a dance fight and a balancing on the plank by the heiress.
it is awesome how... handsome Iwamoto Hikaru is, no, no, sorry for that, I mean it is awesome how the juniors are just swiftly moved everywhere on the set to move the set or to create a distracting action for the senpai's act, they put the mattress, change the position of the tower, held the stairs and so on and so on, gotta say these guys are some brilliant geeks.
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Title: The Death Match #5

Title: The Death Match #5
Characters/Pairings: Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo.Onishi Ryusei, Mukai Koji, Hirano Sho, Yuta Kishi, Yuta Jinguji, Iwahashi Genki, Abe Aran, Miyachika Kaito, Nakamura Reia, Takahashi Kaito.
Rating: PG,PG-13,NC-17

leaving Kaito alone at the dressing room, Ren pulling out his cellphone as he opened the phone contact to dial some number, he put the phone on his ear as he lean on the wall next to the combini, then wait for the other line to pick it up.

" Aah, Daigo, your phone, it's ringing," Mukai said try his best not to moan as he keep trusting inside the younger guy.

" Let it be, just continue, Jikko," Daigo said, closing his eyes tightly, one hand grabbing the bedsheets under him, toes curled in delight.

"I think you should pick that up, maybe it's your mom,"

"Aah, sugoi, nnnh, ia, I don't want to- ah there,mmmhhh."

"Daigo," Jikko sigh as he stop, grab the phone on the bedside table, "It's Ren," the older said. Daigo swift his beautiful head, snatched the phone away and throw it to the sofa.

"Tzuzukinasai," the younger order, Mukai paused a little, observing the change of Daigo's expression, the younger look like he's about to cry, tear drop start forming at the corner of his eyes.

"Maybe we should stop this," he was about to get up and pick up his clothes when, the younger pull him back to the bed, clinging on his back in desperation, he is now crying for real.

"Please Jikko, I want this, I need this," He sobs, " I need your love."

Mukai turn his head a little to look at the younger's face from his shoulder.

"Daigo," he sigh, turn his body completely,wiping the tears from his eyes,

Daigo climb his way up to Mukai's lap, lean in and suck on the older's neck.

the older can only give in and continue what they left.

Ren stared at his phone blankly, it's not like the usual, Daigo would never hang up on him, let alone not picking up the call at all. the older was always ready to hear any nonsense Ren was pulling through the phone. He missed that kind of Daigo,

he missed everything about the older guy, they are not as close as they were before, with all the work he is having it's not possible for him to meet Daigo as frequent as he did before, and he need the boy tonight.

or he need him every night, every day, every minute,being where Daigo is,is what Ren's really need, to be with the older guy, to talk to him, to hold him, to kiss him, to claim him as his. to love him.

putting back the cellphone to his bag, Ren just walk silently to the station, mind still to the older guy.


" Nishihata, can you come to my office?" the producer said once in a rehearsal time, Daigo nodded confusedly as he walk inside the old man's office.

" Take a seat," He ordered.

Daigo follow his instruction.

the man pulling a piece of paper from his drawer and put it in front of the younger guy.

Daigo took a slight glance at the paper, then to the older man.

" Do you know what this is?" the man asked, leaning to his chair, clasping his hand.

Daigo shook his head.

the man continue, "It's the new title for this year's shounentachi." he smiled. " Do you know why I brought you here?" he asked again.

Daigo shook his head one more time.

" This year you will lead the show. Yes, I will give you the main role." the man lean closer, stabbing his forefinger to the poster.

a faint smile appeared from Daigo's lips.

"Only that you have to do something. not hard, simple things," he lean back again intertwined his finger.

"What is that?" Daigo asked. eyes fixed to the older man.

The man snorted a little then continue, " You know what, I think you look a little too close to Mr.King's Nagase Ren, what relationship you have with him?" he asked the younger.

Daigo freeze at his spot a little and answer at the end, " We are bestfriend, as you see he was my former band member." He said, somehow choked at his own words.

"Aaah, sou ka?" the man said again, fixing his seating position.

" Well, they will debut soon," the man continued, smiling slyly. the words pierced Daigo's heart deeply.

" And you kinda hold him down." the man paused. and invisible hammer bump harshly onto Daigo's gut, coarcing the pitch of his stomach.

"What is bestfriend? they are no such thing like that in this industry." he said again. "Stay away from him."

Daigo froze on his seat, a teardrop start rolling from his eyes.

" You just holding him down, he would always think halfheartedly to debut because of you."

Daigo gulp in desperation.

"Stay away from him, and I let you have the main role for shonentachi."

Daigo look down, fidgeting his fingers, as drop after drop of tears rolling from his cheeks without him realising it.

he then look up and nod his head.

"Yes, I'll do as you said." he said, his voice is shaking.

the man grin, fixing up his glasses.

"Very good," he said. " now, tell your coreographer I need to see him, we need to work on this stageplay as soon as possible, off you go," the older clasp his hands, ordering the boy to get out of the room.

The water is now reaching Onishi's neck length. the boy's face look like he's about to faint anytime soon, trying so hard to fight the cold and reach for more air to breath.

Daigo hugs Mukai tighter, burrying his face to the older's chest.

Ren lean to the wall a distance away from them, eyes switch from the screen to the couple several times until he had enough and dragged Daigo away from Mukai.

"What the heck happen?!" he said, his tone was firm that Daigo forsaken a bit.

"What the heck are you doing?" the older bark at the latter.

"What's with you and Mukai?" there goes the family name basis, Ren push the older to the wall, eyes pierced to the older's deeply.

"We're together." Daigo stated, firm enough to make himself shuddered.

"Since when?"

"Ren, let go of him," Mukai said, as Ren pressed Daigo further to the wall.

"I am talking to him." Ren said.

"Pressing him till dead won't give you anything."

"Shut. up. tell me, when did this all happen?" the youngest continue, looking back at Daigo who was struggling to release himself.

"Forever, I've love him forever." Daigo spat on Ren's face.

Ren tossed his head away, leaning in to force a kiss on the older's lips,
the older's wriggle about, kicking the younger on his ankle, shut his mouth tightly.

"Get off of me!" The older squeak, trying all his might to push the younger guy.

his struggle didn't last long as Mukai come to rescue, puling Ren on his collar and throw him to the cold tile. Ren's back was bumped the floor hard, as he is coughing by the sudden action, Mukai proceed to punch the youngest on his face, make it bleed fresh blood.

"Jikko," Daigo squeak,

" I said. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" the oldest roared. The younger underneath him was coughing, looking at his friend bitterly.

"Nande?" The youngest ask, wiping the blood oh his lips, " Why do you have to do this?" Mukai raise from his position, swift to his younger lover, pulling him to his embrace?

"We love each other." Mukai said, though his eyes look blank.

"I love him," Ren said, struggling to get on his knees, both arm on the floor.
" I love Daigo," The youngest sobs in frustration, spitting some blood.

"I didn't," Daigo said shakily. "I didn't love you, I never did." he's now start crying. "I never loved you, Ren."

the youngest raised his head to look at the older. "Uso," he said, " Uso darou?"

" Ren,are you sure about this." Daigo ask the younger as he is now passionately puling off the older's shirt from his body.

"Daijoubu~" The younger giggle.

"Yeah right," Daigo said biting his lips as the younger now planting playful kisses along his stomach. " Gosh, are you really sixteen?" He asked, giggled.

"Why do you ask that?" The younger asked, rubbing the Daigo's side, kissing the older's neck then to his lips, planting a deep kiss.

" Where did you learn all of this?" Daigo asked, panted, then leaning in to kiss the younger again.

"himitsu,"The younger gigled, moving downward as he found the older's nipple, he playfully teasing it with his lips.


"You are sensitive here, ne Daichan~" The younger giggled.

"Shut up."

they were just hanging together innocently at Daigo's house, it was their free time, so they kind of using it together, playing video games, watching some DVDs, and playing some more interesting games.

Daigo was sitting on the younger's lap, enjoying every touch the boys are making. He is now ravaging the older's neck, while his hands playing with the older's buttock, squeezing it, and playfully playing with the entrance.

"Ren," Daigo push the younger a little. " you want to, do it?"

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Title: The Death Match #4

Title: The Death Match #4
Characters/Pairings: Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo.Onishi Ryusei, Mukai Koji, Hirano Sho, Yuta Kishi, Yuta Jinguji, Iwahashi Genki, Abe Aran, Miyachika Kaito, Nakamura Reia, Takahashi Kaito.
Rating: PG,PG-13

Daigo shuddered on his bed, looking at the screen in horror,

"Jikko," He mumbled, his lips tremble in fear. "Ryusei,"

Ren tossed his head to the side, clenching his fists

he took a slight glance at the older, which was now hugging his own body tightly, he start curled up to a ball, the younger approach him.

"Dai-" He started

"Stay away from me," The older put his hand away, preventing the younger to come near him.

"Daigo," the younger sigh,


The youngest of the bunch opened his eyes, and find himself inside a glass tube, strange looking wire surrounding it, and in front of him there's an LED monitor, gleaming blue lights.

he tried to move about, only to realize that his feet are both chained to the bottom of the glass tube, he look at his left side and he found Jinguji as confused as him, looking at his chained feet and poking the monitor with his fore finger.

"Welcome to the third stage," a sound from the speaker phone roaring. " as you may see in front of you is a monitor, we will give you 10 questions, and you will have to answer any of it correctly in merely 10 seconds,every correct answer will reward you 10 point and your opponent's glass tube will be filled by water, the measurement can be seen on the tube,the glass tube will be filled bar per bar." She paused to suck on her cigarette, " At the final stage you will have to answer final question to unlock the key inside the box on your right side,the key will be used to unchained your feet, you will have to swim up, and outside of the tube by yourself. if your opponent open the box earlier than you, your box will be permanently locked.and you of course, have to be... terminated." the lady smirked.


the mechanical door creak open and a white tub floating into the room. Daigo getting off of his feet at the time the tub open with a loud hiss, smoke guzzing from the inside, the boys approach the tube curiously.

a lanky yet tall guy laid inside it, his eyes closed and his mouth covered by an oxigen mask, Daigo covered his mouth in shock.

the guy's eyes flicked open, squirming by the light, getting up from where he was laying, observing his surrounding, clenching and unclenching his palms, he open his mouth, saying.

"Am I dead?"

Daigo threw himself at the figure in front of him, sobbing.

"Jikko~" he said, tightening his embrace.

"Daichan," the older gasp, still in shock.

"Jikko," Ren said, smiling bitterly.

"I tought I was dead," the oldest said.

" I SAW you were dead," Daigo said, still sobbing. " I thought I'll be losing you,"

Mukai push the younger a little, wipe away his tears with his thumb,then smile sincerely. " But I'm here," he said, leaning in and catch the younger lips, the younger just giving up to the kiss.

"I love you, Jikko, I love you so much," the younger said, closing his eyes as he let the older devour his lips once again.

"I love you, Jikko, I love, I love you, Jikko, jikko, I LOVE You,I, love, love, Jikko." the words struct Ren hard.every words repeated painfully in his mind,as it is pierced his heart.

"heergggh," he tried to hold on to his bed's railing as he inhale deeply, his eyes suddenly blurred.

"Daigo, I love you, I love you too, I'm here." the word echoing to his membrane.

Ren walking away from the couple, clutching his chest, his breath getting uneven.


"on my mark. let the game, begin."

the screen in front of them lit up as the first question appeared. Ryusei shaking on his spot,bitting his lips. Jinguji on the other hand
answer the question swiftly as Ryusei's tube start to be filled.

the younger squirm as the water touch his feet.

"It's cold," he said trembling.

the guys on the other side looking at the screen worriedly. Daigo squirm closer into Mukai's embrace.

"Ryusei," he gasp. his boyfriend kiss his forehead sweetly to comfort him.

"he will be fine, honey, he will be fine." the older guy said.


"Jinguji 10 points." the speakerphone said.

the second question pop out, Ryusei start typing wildly on his keyboard, he scratch his head in frustration. " I can't do this, I can't do this," he said panically, his body start shook terribly as the tube filled again. the boy start crying.

"That's impossible, they give them totally unfair question, there's no way Onishi will answer that," Aran said, clenching his fist.

"Then Jin will be alright," Genki said, smiled relievedly.

"And let them sacrificing the baby boy?" Aran said again, throwing an irritated glance at the other guy.

"As long as Jin is alright," Genki said again, eyes never leave the screen, his hand tremble and a tear drop start rolling vaguely at the corner of his eyes.

"I don't want any bad things happen to him, not to him," he said again, his voice shaking.

"Then it should happen to Onishi?" Miyachika added.

"As long as it's not Jin,"

"How could you be so selfish?" Aran step approaching him, ready to fight, only to be held back by Reia.

"Calm down, he's not worth it," Reia said, calmin Aran down,

"Uzaken de, Aran-kun," Genki said, turning his head to look at Aran from his shoulder. "Do you even know Onishi?"

"Don't act as if you care about him, you just care about the prize aren't you?" Genki said again snorting.

"Umae-" Aran was about to launch at Genki when Sho was faster to land a punch on both boys.

"Shut up you two!" the buffy man said, "You know nothing about Onishi!"

"You don't understand our feeling, how would we feel if we lose him," he start to cry, "You guys don't understand a thing."


"Jikko, touch me, onegai, I need you," the younger plead as he guide the other's hand to touch his body,

"No,Daigo, you don't need me, you need Ren," The older said, fighting the urge to touch the younger guy.

"No, I need you, I love you, Jikko," the younger start running his hands on the older's bare chest, liking it then, up to his ear. "Please, touch me,"

"Daigo, you are losing your mind," the older sigh, holding back his moan.

"I don't care, I need you, Jikko," the younger start stripping, sitting on the older's lap, grinding swiftly, throwing his head back.

"Daigo, you, love Ren, right? why do you do all this?" the older squirm his eyes tight, holding up his pleasured sounds.

Daigo didn't answer as he keep on grinding, he then slid downwards and pulling the older's pants on the way, pulling out his manhood and start sucking.

"Daigo, ah, answer me," the older said, clutching the younger's hair in delight.

then Daigo stop, pushing himself so he match the older's height.

"Onegai, Jikko, touch me tonight." he said, eyes staring blankly,smiled bitterly. "I need you,"


"Could you be more lovey dovey with Kaito-kun?" the photographer said. "Yes like that, pretty,"

Kaito took a glance on Ren a little when they are posing for popolo magazine, he didn't failed to catch Ren's blank face everytime they had a photoshoot together.

"Ne, Ren," he said, as they finish their photosession and back to pick up their bag.

"hm?" Ren answered.

"You spaced out a lot today, what happen?"

"Nothing," Ren just shrugged.

"You think of him, do you?" Kaito said again, wiping his face with a face towel.

"Eh, what do you mean?"

"Your boyfriend." Kaito said.

"Daigo is not my boyfriend." the older answered putting his stuff into his bag.

"So you where thinking about him," Kaito chuckled. "You love him that much aren't you?" he continue.

Ren paused a little then answer, picking up his bag, " 'much' is such an understatement." he said as he leaving the room.


"Samui!" Onishi scream, the water start raising to his waist, his face now turn pale and his fingernail turn blue.

"Ryusei!" Daigo squirm worriedly.

"Can we do something?"
Mukai ask, as he getting up from his seat, wonder about, try to turn off the entire system.

"There's nothing you can do," as if the lady answered their question as she start chuckle dangerously.

"the game must go on."
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Title: The Death Match #3

Title: The Death Match #3 in
Characters/Pairings: Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo.Onishi Ryusei, Mukai Koji, Hirano Sho, Yuta Kishi, Yuta Jinguji, Iwahashi Genki, Abe Aran, Miyachika Kaito, Nakamura Reia, Takahashi Kaito.
Rating: PG,PG-13
Warning: may contain violence

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Title: The Death Match #2

Title: The Death Match #2
Characters/Pairings: Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo.Onishi Ryusei, Mukai Koji, Hirano Sho, Yuta Kishi, Yuta Jinguji, Iwahashi Genki, Abe Aran, Miyachika Kaito, Nakamura Reia, Takahashi Kaito.
Rating: PG
Warning: may contain violence.
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Title: The Death Match

Title: The Death Match
Characters/Pairings: Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo.Onishi Ryusei, Mukai Koji, Hirano Sho, Yuta Kishi, Yuta Jinguji, Iwahashi Genki, Abe Aran, Miyachika Kaito, Nakamura Reia, Takahashi Kaito.
Rating: PG
Warning: may contain violence.
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Title: Phone Call

Title: Phone Call
Characters/Pairings: Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo
Rating: PG
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Title: Double Trouble #4

Title: Double Trouble #4
Characters/Pairings: Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo,Hirano Sho x Nishihata Daigo
Rating: PG-13
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Title: Double Trouble #3

Title: Double Trouble #3
Characters/Pairings: Nagase Ren x Nishihata Daigo,Hirano Sho x Nishihata Daigo
Rating: NC-17
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